There are a variety of threat to our waters.  Some are caused by humans and some are naturally occurring and exacerbated by human activity.  We are living with a Hope Spot in our backyards and should do everything in our power to protect it.


According to the Ocean Conservancy, the nine greatest threats to our Florida waters as identified in their 2019 report are:

  1. Harmful Algal Blooms
  2. Water Quality & Quantity
  3. Ocean Acidification
  4. Coral Disease & Bleaching
  5. Oil & Gas Drilling and Pollution
  6. Ocean Trash
  7. Coastal Development
  8. Sea Level Rise & Flooding
  9. Extreme Weather

An accelerator fueling several of the “nasty nine” is a well-known culprit: Climate change. Carbon pollution has caused our global climate to warm more rapidly, driving and exacerbating environmental disasters that put coastal communities in danger.

This report also lays out the solutions to these threats, showing how Floridians across the state can join together and take action for our ocean.

Click here to view Ocean Conservancy's the full report


It's easy to read and full of useful information!

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Ocean Acidification

And to learn more about the science behind Ocean Acidification, watch these short videos..



Project Phoenix 2.0: The Recovery

Extreme Weather


Did you see the information on Extreme Weather in the report above?  Want to learn more about hurricanes, warming oceans, and ocean acidification?  Watch this educational and FUN video from Dr. Tracy Fanara, a.k.a. Inspector Planet...

And then take a look at Hurricane Phoenix: The Tampa Bay Region's Worst Case Scenario. An eye-opening & frightening look at the potential effects of a catastrophic Category 5 hurricane making a direct landfall on the Tampa Bay metro area.

Project Phoenix 2.0: The Recovery

Tampa Bay Regional Planning Council updated and just released their super popular Hurricane Phoenix educational program. Project Phoenix 2.0 - The Recovery is focused on the aftermath and local businesses with personal stories from business owners in Mexico Beach.  It can be viewed on their website here:

Learn more about these threats and others from students who submitted films to Youth Making Ripples...


Coral Reef

Water Pollution

Invasive Species

Trash Talk