Hope for the Future Challenge

The Florida Gulf Coast Hope Spot is Official!

And YOU can help educate our community! Whether you are a parent, teacher or just friend of a Pinellas county schoolchild, you can challenge a local student to learn more about this significant Hope Spot designation and think about how they can help to keep it healthy.  Participating students, schools, and teachers will receive special recognition.

What is the Challenge?

Submit the most creative solution to keep our Hope Spot healthy for a chance to win one of fifteen $100 prizes!

Click here for inspirational video

Click here for the application

Eligibility: All Pinellas county school students (public, private, charter, etc) are eligible. This can be a class, club, individual, or school-wide challenge.

April 30th, 2020 - Deadline for completed challenge. Projects must be submitted online.  See instructions in the application form above.  Awards will be presented by the end of the school year.  Time and Location TBD.

Awards: This is a multi-city challenge.  Fifteen $100 awards will be given to Pinellas County students/teams. Schools and teachers that elect to participate will also be publicly recognized and have the chance to win one of three additional $100 prizes.  See application form for details.

More info on Hope Spots: Hope spots are special places determined to be vital to the health of the oceans. The oceans are critical to the health of the planet, so the Florida Gulf Coast Hope Spot is a place that deserves our attention! More information about our Hope Spot can be found here:

- Mission Blue and Dr. Sylvia Earle declare the Florida Gulf Coast a "Hope Spot"

- Info about Mission Blue and Hope Spots in General

- Special characteristics of our Florida Gulf Coast Hope Spot

Special thanks: Thank you to Mission Blue organization for their tireless work to establish Hope Spots around the world. And thank you to the Tampa Bay Estuary Program for their generous mini-grant to make this challenge a success!

Contact: For more information, please contact Blue-Green Connections at info@bluegreenconnections.org.