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Help us create an eco-friendly zero waste festival!

The 2023 Hope Spot Festival was the first Renüable Certified Zero Waste Festival on the Florida Gulf Coast!  We're striving to do it again in 2024, so we respectfully require that you not bring single use or disposable giveaways and that bags be either reusable or certified compostable.  Food waste and compostable materials discarded at the festival will be composted by Suncoast Compost by Renüable and turned into fertilizer or anaerobically digested at Rosebud Continuum and turned into energy, so they must adhere to certain standards.  All compostable prodcuts should be  BPI certified or CMA Composter-Approved.  Auburn Supply Group is a company located in Clearwater and will soon set up a collection of certified compostable items that will break down thoroughly for vendors to purchase for this event.  Please keep this in mind when provisioning your booth and check out Dunedin's Green Event Guide for more of the practices we'll implement.

To request exhibitor space:


Step 1: Review the Exhibitor agreement

Step 2:  Complete this application


Step 3: Await email acceptance confirmation


Step 4: If accepted, submit Payment below


Step 5: Send your email confirmation receipt to to info@bluegreenconnections.org (this is especially important if your contact info is different than the credit card or paypal information)


Booth Type

Please expect an email confirmation within 3 business days of applying.  The map of Edgewater Park with your booth location and loading/unloading and parking instructions will be emailed to you by the first week in February.


Vendors should carry insurance for this event.  We are happy to offer the opportunity for our vendors to purchase insurance for the day.  Please visit this link to insurance for more info.



Questions or specific requests? Please contact events@bluegreenconnections.org